Rewards of being a Rotarian

The rewards of being a Rotarian are many and varied – whether it is the friendships we make and the fun we enjoy while we are working together; or the opportunities we have to learn more from a variety of interesting speakers; or work together internationally with like-minded people to really make a difference in the world. The following words say it all:


A Rotarian is a person:

  • who digs wells from which they will never drink
  • who vaccinates children they will never meet
  • who restores sight for those they will never see
  • who builds houses in which they will never live
  • who educates children they will never know
  • who plants trees under which they will never sit
  • who feeds hungry people, regardless of colour, race or politics
  • who makes crawlers walk half round the world
  • who knows real happiness, which as Albert Schweitzer said, can only be found by serving others